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American Tower Towers Q1 2022 Outlook Company

American Tower Q1 2022: Details Data Center Segment, including CoreSite

American Tower announced its Q1 2022 earnings and updated on its outlook for 2022 and data center segment, which includes the company CoreSite.
Crown Castle Q1 2022 Towers Fiber T-Mobile

Crown Castle Q1 2022: T-Mobile Rises to 37% of Annual...

Crown Castle announced Q1 2022 earnings, disclosed ROIC yields for its towers and fiber segments, and revealed financial impacts of its T-Mobile agreement.
Equinix Q1 2022 Earnings Data Center Financial Guidance

Equinix Q1 2022: xScale Quarterly Leasing Activity Drops to Zero

Equinix announced its Q1 2022 earnings and updated on its financial guidance for 2022, data center portfolio, and absence of leasing activity at xScale.
Digital Realty Q1 2022 Outlook Lease Data Center

Digital Realty Q1 2022: Americas Produces 77 MW of Hyperscale...

Digital Realty announced Q1 2022 earnings, reiterated its outlook for 2022 and provided updates on its colocation and hyperscale data center lease activity.

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Cross Connect Connects What is a Data Center Cables

Cross Connects: Interconnection Services in Data Centers

Cross connects and interconnection services enable a customer’s full use of a data center colocation environment through physical cables.
Data Gravity Index AWS Cloud What Is

What is Data Gravity? AWS, Azure Pull Data to the Cloud

Data gravity is shifting to the cloud, to providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, as shown in Digital Realty’s Data Gravity Index.
What is an Edge Data Center Centers Market

What is an Edge Data Center? (With Examples)

What is an edge data center, delivering compute and storage to the extremes of a network in order to improve the performance and market centers?
American Tower U.S. Data Center Centers CoreSite Realty Acquisition

American Tower Sells 29% Stake in CoreSite, Data Centers to Stonepeak...

American Tower agreed to sell a $2.5bn minority equity interest in its U.S. data centers from its CoreSite Realty acquisition to Stonepeak.
Azure ExpressRoute Pricing Locations What Is Microsoft

Azure ExpressRoute: Benefits, Pricing, Providers, Locations

Microsoft’s services include Azure ExpressRoute, which enables private site-to-site connectivity - we discuss what is the pricing and its locations.
Colocation Definition Meaning Data Center Services Facilities Facility Server

Colocation: Definition, Meaning, Data Center, Services

Colocation is a type of data center offering, which has a different definition and meaning than other categories, as it relates to services and pricing.