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What Is Digital Infrastructure?

Digital Infrastructure

Why Digital Infrastructure is Real Estate 2.0

We discuss precisely why Digital Infrastructure is "Real Estate 2.0" and how it will re-shape the future of real estate as we know it.
5G Cellular Towers

Who Owns the 5G Cellular Towers in the United States?

Cellular towers are critical for the 5G network to function properly - but who owns them? We compare American Tower, Crown Castle, and SBA Communications.
Data Center REITs Stocks 2021 Datacenter ETF Operations

Data Center REITs, Stocks and ETFs in 2021

Whether a datacenter or data center, the data center stocks, REITs and operations are becoming more prevalent, including a new data center ETF market.
Dark Enterprise Fiber Network

Dark Fiber and Enterprise Fiber Connect The Global Network

Dark Fiber and Enterprise Fiber providers enable the connectivity for internet traffic globally, connecting networks of towers, data centers, and offices.
Fiber Broadband Internet Home

Fiber Broadband Internet Is The Future For Your Home

Fiber broadband is bringing consumers gigabit internet speeds to their home, making it a formidable competitor to cable broadband.
Small Cells Distributed Antenna Systems

What Are Small Cells and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)?

Small Cells and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) networks are being deployed across the U.S. to augment towers. What are they? What do they do?

Digital Infrastructure News (cont'd)

Quarterly Updates - Q1 2021

American Tower Q1 2021 Outlook Towers

American Tower Emphasizes Long-Term Growth in Q1 2021

American Tower announced Q1 2021 earnings, updated on organic tenant billings growth by region including its 2021 outlook, and gave details on its M&A.
Cellnex Q1 2021 Tower Towers 2025

Cellnex Prepares for Further Tower M&A Post Q1 2021

Cellnex announced its Q1 2021 earnings, updates on leasing wins for its towers, its short- and medium-term outlook to 2025, and growth through acquisitions.
Equinix Data Center Q1 2021 Guidance Earnings xScale

Equinix Focuses on Building Data Center Capacity in Q1 2021

Equinix announced Q1 2021 earnings, provided updates on its data center development plan, including xScale joint venture, and its full-year 2021 guidance.
Digital Realty Q1 2021 Data Center Development Pipeline Asia-Pacific

Digital Realty Q1 2021: Development and Asia-Pacific Strength

Digital Realty announced Q1 2021 earnings and updated on its data center leasing activity noting Asia-Pacific, M&A transactions, and development pipeline.

Top Companies Covered

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Mergers & Acquisitions - Key Transactions

Cologix Canada Vancouver Zayo Toronto Data Center

Cologix Buys and Builds 14+ MW in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada

Cologix, backed by Stonepeak Infrastructure, is investing in two new data centers in Canada, expanding in Vancouver, via acquisition from Zayo and Toronto.
American Tower Allianz ATC Europe Telxius

American Tower Sells a Further 10% of ATC Europe to Allianz

American Tower announced that Allianz Capital Partners and Allianz European Infrastructure Fund will acquire 10% of ATC Europe for €530m to fund Telxius.
QTS Realty Trust Blackstone Data Centers

QTS Realty Sells to Blackstone at $10bn Valuation

QTS Realty Trust (NYSE: QTS), a data center operator, agreed to be acquired by Blackstone Infrastructure Partners, Blackstone Real Estate Income Trust.
SBA Communications Airtel Tanzania Africa Towers

SBA Buys 1.4k Towers from Airtel in Tanzania for $175m

SBA Communications announced it is acquiring 1.4k towers in Tanzania from Airtel Tanzania, a subsidiary of Airtel Africa, for a purchase price of $175m.
Retelit Asterion Industrial Partners Marbles

Retelit to be Acquired by Asterion Industrial Partners for €468m

Retelit, an Italian wholesale fiber provider, announced that Asterion Industrial Partners, through Marbles S.p.A., is offering to take-private the company.
Mapletree Industrial Trust Sila Realty Data Centers

Mapletree Industrial Acquires 29 Data Centers from Sila Realty for $1.3bn

Mapletree Industrial Trust is acquiring 29 data centers across the United States from Sila Realty Trust, formerly Carter Validus, for $1.3bn USD (S$1.8bn).

Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and Capital Raises