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Cellnex Deutsche Telekom Netherlands

Cellnex Adds 3.2k Deutsche Telekom Towers in the Netherlands

Cellnex Telecom today announced a joint venture transaction with Deutsche Telekom to add 3.2k towers in the Netherlands, including a 180-tower BTS program.

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Digital Realty PCCW PEACE

Digital Realty Partners with PCCW on PEACE Subsea Cable

Digital Realty has partnered with PCCW to locate the Pakistan East Africa Connecting Europe (PEACE) subsea cable system's termination in Marseille, France.
AT&T Enterprise Business 5G

AT&T Focuses on Enterprise 5G Use Cases for Business

The enterprise revenue opportunity for 5G relies on revolutionary new use cases for business applications, which AT&T is well-positioned to address.
American Tower Telxius Deal

American Tower Acquires Telxius from Telefónica for $9.4bn

American Tower today announced that it has agreed to a transaction to acquire Telxius Towers, from Telefónica, in a €7.7bn ($9.4bn USD) deal.
Europe Data Center Markets

Top 5 Data Center Markets in Europe are Booming

Europe has five major data center markets which include the cities of Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam, Paris, (known as the FLAP markets) and Dublin.
Vantage Towers IPO 2021

Vantage Towers to IPO in 2021 at €20bn+ Valuation

Vantage Towers will be the 2nd largest European towers operator with 68k tower sites in 9 countries in Europe, once the company completes its IPO in 2021.
Colony Capital 2020 Review 2021 Outlook

Colony Capital 2020 Review and 2021 Outlook

Colony Capital's review of digital infrastructure in 2020 is promising, and it has its outlook set for 2021, as it continues its pivot towards digital.
Verizon Fixed Wireless Access 5G Home

Verizon Expands 5G Home its Fixed Wireless Access Business

Verizon's Fixed Wireless Access product known as 5G Home is now available, in 18 cities across the United States, using high-band spectrum.
Pittock Block Harrison Street

Harrison Street Buys Pittock Block Internet Exchange for $326m

Harrison Street and fifteenfortyseven Critical Systems Realty (1547), acquired the Pittock Block data center in Portland from Alco Investment for $326m.
Fiber Broadband Internet Home

Fiber Broadband Internet Is The Future For Your Home

Fiber broadband is bringing consumers gigabit internet speeds to their home, making it a formidable competitor to cable broadband.
Dark Enterprise Fiber Network

Dark Fiber and Enterprise Fiber Connect The Global Network

Dark Fiber and Enterprise Fiber providers enable the connectivity for internet traffic globally, connecting networks of towers, data centers, and offices.
Verizon Mobile Edge Computing

Verizon Brings Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) to 10 U.S. Cities

Verizon announced that it has brought its Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) capability, in partnership with Amazon Web Services, to ten cities across the U.S.
Phoenix Tower EI Italy

Phoenix Tower Acquires 2.4k Sites from EI in Italy for €500m

Phoenix Tower agreed to acquire from EI Towers, TowerTel, which owns 2.4k towers and distributed antenna systems across Italy, for €500m ($609m).