Boingo Wireless and AT&T today announced a partnership to deploy AT&T 5G+, which is AT&T’s brand name for its high-band or millimeter wave (mmWave) spectrum, in 12 airports across the United States, through Boingo’s distributed antenna system (DAS) solutions. Specifically, these airports include John F. Kennedy International Airport (New York), LaGuardia Airport (New York), O’Hare International Airport (Chicago), and Midway International Airport (Chicago), amongst others.

Airport DAS Networks – Boingo Wireless and AT&T

Boingo Wireless is the largest operator of airport distributed antenna system (DAS) and Wi-Fi networks in the United States. These networks provide fast connectivity for both travelers and the businesses & personnel that are running airports across the U.S.

Boingo Wireless and AT&T are particularly focused on enhancing the travel experience at heavily-trafficked airport terminals with the greater speed and capacity that high-band 5G offers. Specifically, this airport initiative will provide high-band 5G coverage at major gate and concession spaces. These are the dense areas where travelers and airport employees demand the greatest need for connectivity.

Capital Expenditures

Boingo Wireless notes that for its Wi-Fi network build-outs at airports, telecommunications operators typically pay for the substantial expense of laying cable or fiber.

AT&T Airport Deployment Plans – 5G+ (High-Band)

Overall, AT&T is targeting deployments for its 5G+ (high-band) spectrum in 7 major U.S. airports in 2021. Furthermore, AT&T intends to expand its 5G+ (high-band) presence to 25 airports by the end of 2022.

Specifically, AT&T plans to bring its 5G+ (high-band) services to Dallas Love Field Airport, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), and Denver International Airport.

Notably, in January 2021, AT&T deployed its 5G+ (high-band) spectrum at Tampa International Airport.

AT&T’s High-Band / mmWave 5G Spectrum Holdings

AT&T’s 5G+ (high-band) spectrum holdings total 1,000+ MHz of spectrum depth in the 24 GHz and 37/39 GHz frequency bands.

For further details on AT&T’s spectrum holdings and the spectrum holdings for all United States carriers, check-out our report here. Additionally, for the future spectrum bands in the U.S. that could become available for commercial use, check-out our report here.

Venues Beyond Airports – Boingo Wireless

Boingo Wireless builds public and private wireless networks such as distributed antenna systems (DAS), small cells, Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS), and Wi-Fi at a number of different venues. In addition to airports, these venues include transportation hubs, stadiums, military bases, universities, convention centers, and office campuses.

Ownership – Boingo Wireless

Boingo Wireless is a portfolio company of Digital Colony Partners II, the second flagship private equity fund of DigitalBridge (formerly Colony Capital). Indeed, Digital Colony acquired Boingo in an $854m or $14.00 per share take-private, which closed in June 2021.

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