We provide the latest Fiber news, analysis and opinion. In the Fiber sector we cover companies including Zayo Group (private), Cogent Communications (NASDAQ: CCOI), Uniti Group (NASDAQ: UNIT), and Lumen Technologies (NYSE: LUMN). Within Fiber, we focus on the sub-sectors of wholesale / dark fiber, enterprise fiber, fiber-to-the-home (FTTH), and subsea cables.

Our fiber news discusses how fiber optic cables consist of bundled glass strands that transfer data signals into optical light. Importantly, fiber is the connective tissue. Fiber supplies connectivity, and enables all of the other three types of digital infrastructure to work.

Fiber news includes discussing how fiber provides the core connectivity for internet traffic globally. Additionally, fiber connects cellular tower sites, data centers, small cells, and last-mile customers into the broader global network.

Our fiber news segments are in two core verticals: dark fiber and lit services. Dark fiber is the leasing of individual fiber strands to provide dedicated high bandwidth, fixed network capacity. In this case, the customer lights the fiber themselves. Whereas, lit services is where the service provider lights the fiber and enables connectivity for the customer. Connectivity ranges from 100 Mbps of capacity to 100 Gbps of capacity.

Additionally, our fiber news includes discussing how the fiber revenue model varies by segment. Fiber revenue can typically be parsed into two segments or customers bases: wholesale fiber and enterprise fiber. Wholesale fiber is carrier-to-carrier traffic, where connectivity services are provided for mobile operators (e.g., AT&T) and other fiber providers (e.g., Cogent). Enterprise fiber is the supply connectivity services to businesses, government agencies, health care providers and telecom providers.

LOGIX Fiber Networks Astra Capital Management

LOGIX Fiber Networks Secures $100m from Astra and UBS O’Connor

LOGIX Fiber Networks, an enterprise and dark fiber provider in Texas, received a $100m capital commitment from Astra Capital Management and UBS O’Connor.
SDC Capital Partners Smartaira Internet

SDC Capital Partners Commits $100m to Smartaira’s Multifamily Expansion

SDC Capital Partners acquired a majority interest in Smartaira (Consolidated Smart Systems), an internet service provider (ISP) to the multifamily market.
Uniti Group Q1 2022 Fiber Leasing Long-Haul

Uniti Group Q1 2022: Dark Fiber Demand Growing at 10% in North America

Uniti Group announced its Q1 2022 earnings and updated on its fiber and small cell infrastructure portfolio and leasing success with long-haul customers.
Submarine Cable Cables Underwater Undersea Subsea Internet Ocean

Submarine Cables: the Invisible Fiber Link Enabling the Internet

Submarine cables are the backbone of the internet carrying 99% of international traffic and are underwater ocean links known as subsea and undersea cables.
Lumen Technologies Quantum Fiber Broadband Q1 2022

Lumen Technologies Q1 2022: Quantum Fiber Reaches 2.9 Million Passings

Lumen Technologies announced Q1 2022 earnings and updated on its full-year 2022 outlook and business plan for its Quantum Fiber broadband unit.
Eurofiber 2021 Revenue Antin PGGM Vattenfall

Eurofiber Reports €217m of Revenue, Expands Network in Full-Year 2021

Eurofiber, which is backed by Antin Infrastructure and PGGM, announced its 2021 revenue and updated on its joint ventures Vattenfall Eurofiber and Unifiber.
DigitalBridge AMP Capital International Infrastructure Equity

DigitalBridge Buys AMP’s International Infrastructure Equity Unit for $328m

DigitalBridge Group agreed to acquire AMP Capital’s international infrastructure equity investment management business, which includes Everstream.
AT&T Q1 2022 Consumer Fiber Broadband

AT&T Q1 2022: Fiber Passings Reach 17 Million Customer Locations

AT&T announced its Q1 2022 earnings results through which it updated on its consumer-facing fiber broadband unit and business wireline fiber initiatives.
DigitalBridge Netomnia YouFibre Fiber

DigitalBridge Leads £295m UK Fiber Funding for Netomnia and YouFibre

Netomnia, a UK fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) operator and YouFibre, an internet service provider (ISP), secured £295m ($385m) of equity led by DigitalBridge.
Google Cloud Topaz Subsea Cable

Google Cloud to Construct 16 Fiber Pair Topaz Subsea Cable

Google Cloud's new subsea cable named Topaz will run from the west coast of Canada, from Vancouver and Port Alberni, across the Pacific Ocean to Japan.