Small Cells & DAS

We provide the latest Small Cells & DAS news, analysis and opinion. In the Small Cells & DAS (distributed antenna systems) sector we cover companies including Boingo Wireless (NASDAQ: WIFI), ExteNet Systems (private), ZenFi Networks (private), and Freshwave Group (private). Within Small Cells & DAS, we focus on the sub-sectors of standalone small cells, C-RAN small cells, Enterprise DAS, and DAS.

Our small cells & DAS news discusses the characteristics of these low-power antennas that connect via fiber strands. Specifically, how small cells & DAS are deployments in dense configurations, that are closer to wireless customers than tower sites. Small cells & DAS bring the true low-latency solution for the consumer.

Small cells & DAS news includes discussing how small cells work. Specifically, small cells require three critical components. First, the radio access network, which is the location of the actual core radio. Second, dark fiber that runs under the street or on top of utility poles, ultimately connecting to an antenna. Third, an antenna which is also known as a node. This node broadcasts either one set of frequency bands or multiple frequency bands.

Regarding DAS, they distribute standard base station signals across a network of antenna nodes, which connect via fiber, deployed within a discrete coverage area or location. DAS news includes examples of these locations like sports stadiums, airports, shopping malls and convention centers.

Our small cells & DAS news segments discuss the customers on the small cell & DAS networks. Specifically, the wireless operators (e.g., T-Mobile) and cable operators (e.g., Charter).

Finally, our small cells & DAS news coverage extends to contract durations. Similar to towers, small cells have lease terms from 10 to 25 years in duration. Further, small cells also have rental escalators of 1%, which again is similar to towers.

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