We provide the latest Towers news, analysis and opinion. In the Towers sector we cover companies including American Tower (NYSE: AMT), Crown Castle (NYSE: CCI), SBA Communications (NASDAQ: SBAC), Cellnex Telecom (BME: CLNX), and Vertical Bridge. Within Towers, we focus on the sub-sectors of wireless cell towers, TV & radio broadcast towers and mobile sites located on billboards.

Our towers news discusses how towers serve as the core network and the current underpinning of 4G/LTE networks. Further, towers are also central to the performance of 5G networks. Towers news includes updates on increased carrier activity to support rising data usage, technological upgrades, and new spectrum deployment.

These wireless carriers lease vertical space on the tower so that they as tenants can place their communications equipment on the tower. Each tower has the capacity to support 4 to 6 of these different tenants.

Within our towers news coverage, we also discuss the business model of towers. Specifically, how towers are characterized by recurring revenue, rental escalators, long-term contracts (initial term of 5 to 10 years), high operating leverage / incremental margins, low maintenance capital expenditures and leases to investment-grade counterparties.

Beyond the traditional wireless carriers, our towers news scope also extends to companies that lease space on towers to TV and radio broadcasters, public safety, and Internet of Things providers.

Overall, there are 154k towers, with 350k+ tenants operating in the United States. This makes the tower sector an incredibly diverse market to share towers news, analysis and opinion, on a daily basis.

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What is a Cell Tower? Understanding How Cell Towers Work

In this straightforward guide, we explore what is a cell tower, how do cell towers work, and why are they crucial for your cell phone's functionality.
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Top 100 Cellular Towers Companies in the World as of 2023

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Vertical Bridge vs Everest: A Tower Land Aggregation Dispute

A legal dispute is brewing between Vertical Bridge, the fourth-largest tower company in the United States, and Everest Infrastructure Partners.
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Vodafone Sells Stake in €16.2bn Vantage Towers to KKR and GIP

KKR and Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP) will create a joint venture with Vodafone, to hold Vodafone’s 81.7% stake in Vantage Towers in Europe.
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Cell Tower Range: How Far Do They Reach?

Wireless networks transmit voice and data signals over cell towers, using a range of radio frequencies, that can reach a customer’s cell phone far away.
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Apollo Sells Parallel Infrastructure to Palistar’s Harmoni Towers

Harmoni Towers, which is backed by Palistar Capital (formerly Melody), will acquire Parallel Infrastructure, which is sponsored by Apollo Global.
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Cell tower locations are vital to your 4G LTE and 5G wireless service, while cell tower maps and locators help identify your nearest tower.
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Carlyle Backs Tillman Infrastructure with $1bn for U.S. Cell Towers

Carlyle Group has committed $1 billion to partner with Tillman Global Holdings to invest in Tillman Infrastructure, a cell tower company in the U.S.
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Cell Tower Lease (Rates, Agreements, Buyout, Value)

Cell tower lease rates showcase the multi-decade relationship between the wireless carriers leasing space from the tower companies who rent infrastructure.
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Brookfield, Infratil Sell Vodafone New Zealand’s 1,484 Towers for $1.05bn

Vodafone New Zealand, owned by Brookfield and Infratil, sells its 1,484 towers, via Aotearoa, for NZ$1.7 billion to InfraRed Capital (HICL) and Northleaf.