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We provide the latest Towers news, analysis and opinion. In the Towers sector we cover companies including American Tower (NYSE: AMT), Crown Castle (NYSE: CCI), SBA Communications (NASDAQ: SBAC), Cellnex Telecom (BME: CLNX), and Vertical Bridge. Within Towers, we focus on the sub-sectors of wireless cell towers, TV & radio broadcast towers and mobile sites located on billboards.

Our towers news discusses how towers serve as the core network and the current underpinning of 4G/LTE networks. Further, towers are also central to the performance of 5G networks. Towers news includes updates on increased carrier activity to support rising data usage, technological upgrades, and new spectrum deployment.

These wireless carriers lease vertical space on the tower so that they as tenants can place their communications equipment on the tower. Each tower has the capacity to support 4 to 6 of these different tenants.

Within our towers news coverage, we also discuss the business model of towers. Specifically, how towers are characterized by recurring revenue, rental escalators, long-term contracts (initial term of 5 to 10 years), high operating leverage / incremental margins, low maintenance capital expenditures and leases to investment-grade counterparties.

Beyond the traditional wireless carriers, our towers news scope also extends to companies that lease space on towers to TV and radio broadcasters, public safety, and Internet of Things providers.

Overall, there are 154k towers, with 350k+ tenants operating in the United States. This makes the tower sector an incredibly diverse market to share towers news, analysis and opinion, on a daily basis.

IHS Holding Towers Tower Q1 2022 Outlook

IHS Holding Q1 2022: Organic Revenue Growth of 21.5%, Led by Escalators

IHS Holding Limited (NYSE: IHS) an emerging markets tower company in Africa and Latin America, announced its Q1 2022 earnings and revised 2022 outlook.
Vantage Towers Q4 FY22 Vodafone Germany

Vantage Towers FY22: Cedes Build Commitment on 1.2k Sites in Germany

Vantage Towers announced its financials as of March 31, 2022 (Q4 FY22 and FY22) updating on its build-to-suit (BTS) program in Germany with Vodafone.
Macquarie PSP Tower Towers Bersama Digital Infrastructure

Macquarie, PSP Spend $610m, Gain Stake in Indonesia’s Tower Bersama

Macquarie Asset Management alongside PSP paid $610m to acquire a minority stake in Bersama Digital Infrastructure holding a 62.4% interest in Tower Bersama.
OMERS Infrastructure TPG Telecom Tower Towers

OMERS Infrastructure Buys TPG Telecom’s 1.2k Towers in Australia for A$950m

TPG Telecom sells 100% of its passive mobile tower and rooftop infrastructure, comprising 1,237 existing sites, to OMERS Infrastructure for A$950m ($670m).
SBA Communications the Philippines Towers Tower

SBA Communications to Build 1,470 Towers in the Philippines for $205m

SBA Communications plans to deploy 1,470 telecommunications tower structures in the Philippines, over the next 5 years, with a total project cost of $205m.
Cellnex Telecom Towers Tower Sites Q1 2022

Cellnex Q1 2022: Fully-Funded Firepower for M&A, with Germany in Sight

Cellnex Telecom, Europe’s largest independent tower company, announced its Q1 2022 earnings, detailing its firepower for M&A of more tower sites.
American Tower Towers Q1 2022 Outlook Company

American Tower Q1 2022: Details Data Center Segment, including CoreSite

American Tower announced its Q1 2022 earnings and updated on its outlook for 2022 and data center segment, which includes the company CoreSite.
TIM SA Oi Towers Tower Sites

TIM SA to Decommission 4.4k of Oi’s Towers in Brazil, TowerCo Implications

TIM SA, a wireless carrier in Brazil, detailed the decommissioning of 4.4k tower sites in Brazil following closing its acquisition of Oi SA’s mobile assets.
SBA Communications Q1 2022 Outlook Brazil Data Center

SBA Communications Q1 2022: Buys $49m Data Center in São Paulo, Brazil

SBA Communications announced Q1 2022 earnings, raised its full-year 2022 outlook, and made acquisitions in towers and a data center in São Paulo, Brazil.
American Tower Towers 1&1 Germany Sites Contract

American Tower Signs 20-Year Leasing Deal with 1&1 in Germany

American Tower signed a 20-year contract with 1&1, a wireless carrier in Germany, to provide 1&1 access to colocation on its 14.7k communications sites.