Carrier Hotel Hotels Data Center Centre Centers Centres Building Colocation Network Networks

Carrier Hotels: Key United States Data Center Locations

Carrier hotels, as data center buildings, facilitate the colocation of diverse networks, creating a hub for seamless connectivity and information exchange.
Hyperscale Hyperscaler Hyperscalers Data Centers Center Cloud Providers

What is Hyperscale and Who are the Hyperscalers?

Hyperscale data centers, operated by key companies known as hyperscalers, have emerged as the primary providers of digital infrastructure, like the cloud.
Cloud-Native Cloud Native Architecture Applications Application Technologies

Cloud-Native: What is it? and How Does it Work?

Cloud-native architecture enables applications to leverage modern technologies for increased scalability, flexibility, and resilience in the digital realm.
TikTok Data Center Centers Centre Centres Locations Oracle Project Texas

TikTok’s Data Center Locations and use of Oracle Cloud

TikTok and Oracle's Project Texas is re-architecting TikTok's data center locations in Virginia in the U.S., Ireland and Norway in Europe, and Singapore.
AI Data Center Centers Artificial Intelligence and Cooling Infrastructure

How Data Centers are enabling Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) applications are changing the computing, storage, and power and cooling infrastructure requirements of data centers.
Types of Data Centers Center Type Datacenter

Types of Data Centers: Enterprise, Colocation, Hyperscale

The five main types of data centers are enterprise, colocation, hyperscale, edge, and modular, with each data center type having unique characteristics.
Data Center Companies Centers Providers Company Operators Centre Centres

Top 250 Data Center Companies in the World as of 2023

The top 250 data center companies comprise a mix of cloud service providers (CSPs), retail colocation firms, and wholesale data center operators.
Microservices Microservice Architecture Development Cloud Applications Application Micro Services Service

Microservices: What are they? and How Do they Work?

Microservice architecture has revolutionized the development of cloud applications, allowing for greater scalability in the deployment of microservices.
Containers Container Cloud Computing Orchestration Engine Environments Environment

Containers: What are they? and How Do they Work?

Containers have become a popular technology in cloud computing orchestration, allowing applications to run consistently across different environments.
Cloud Service Models Infrastructure Platform Software as a Service IaaS PaaS SaaS

Cloud Service Models: IaaS vs PaaS vs SaaS

The cloud service models include Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS).
Serverless Computing Compute Applications Application Architecture Services Service Server Less

Serverless Computing: What is it? and How Does it Work?

Serverless cloud computing architecture involves transferring the deployment of applications and the server-side of IT to external service providers.
ChatGPT OpenAI Azure Cloud Microsoft Infrastructure Technology

ChatGPT and OpenAI’s use of Azure’s Cloud Infrastructure

OpenAI and ChatGPT use Microsoft Azure’s cloud infrastructure to deliver the performance and scale to run their AI training and inference workloads.