DB broadband GmbH, a German dark fiber provider managing railway company Deutsche Bahn’s fiber optic network capacity, today reiterated its plan to expand its dark fiber network in Germany to 33.4k route kilometers (20.8k route miles) by 2027 – equipping its entire railway system.

DB broadband Dark Fiber Network Germany Map

Presently, DB broadband’s fiber optic network spans 20.0k+ route kilometers (12.4k+ route miles). Overall, the fiber network connects 5.4k Deutsche Bahn railway stations in Germany.

Fiber Expansion and Capacity Lease-Up – DB broadband

DB broadband is engaged in several projects which contribute to the “continuous expansion” of its dark fiber network in Germany. Additionally, the company is focusing on the lease-up of capacity on its dark fiber network. For lease-up, the company partners with internet service providers (ISPs) and carriers, amongst others.

TNG Stadtnetz – Schleswig-Holstein

TNG Stadtnetz GmbH, a fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) provider and portfolio company of Intermediate Capital Group (ICG), is utilizing Deutsche Bahn’s dark fiber network as part of its roll-out of high-speed internet services.

Geographically, this deployment is taking place for homes and businesses in Germany’s state of Schleswig-Holstein. Specifically, TNG is using Deutsche Bahn’s fiber optic network to fill-in certain gaps within its own network, quickly and cost-effectively.

Fiber Network Repeater

Through this partnership, DB broadband is leasing TNG 55 kilometers (34 miles) of unused fiber optic cable (i.e., dark fiber) on the route between Kiel and Schleswig, Germany.

bisping & bisping – Bavaria

bisping & bisping, a telecommunications provider in the state of Bavaria, is leveraging Deutsche Bahn’s dark fiber network in the municipality of Gangkofen, part of the district of Rottal-Inn. Particularly, in Gangkofen, bisping & bisping supplies 1.5k households with high-speed internet.

As part of bisping & bisping’s network expansion, a total of 177 kilometers (110 miles) of fiber optic routes were needed to be deployed in rural areas. For certain network sections, bisping & bisping leased a total of 58 kilometers (36 miles) of fiber from DB broadband. Indeed, this fiber was located along Deutsche Bahn’s railway system.

DB broadband Dark Fiber Network Installation

DNS:NET – Cottbus

DNS:NET, a telecommunications provider, is employing Deutsche Bahn’s dark fiber network to supply 40 educational institutions and 350 buildings, including a significant number of households, in the city of Cottbus, with high-speed internet. Specifically, DNS:NET is utilizing Deutsche Bahn’s fiber optic network to fill-in particular gaps within its own network in parts of Cottbus, quickly and cost-effectively.

Through this partnership, DB broadband is leasing DNS:NET 66 kilometers (41 miles) of unused dark fiber. Particularly, this fiber traverses the route between Halbe (district of Brandenburg) and Cottbus, Germany.

Recent Network Developments

Over the past few months, DB broadband has signed framework agreements with all the major German telecommunications providers. Therefore, these operators can now lease from DB broadband, unused dark fiber capacity on Deutsche Bahn’s fiber network throughout Germany.

DB broadband also offers its nationwide dark fiber network to enterprises in neighboring countries which require connectivity into Germany. Finally, the “continuous expansion” of DB broadband’s fiber optic infrastructure enables customers to grow alongside DB broadband’s expansion routes. Indeed, the company has plans to grow its network by 67%, to 33.4k route kilometers (20.8k route miles) by 2027.

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