Digita Oy, Nokia, and Telia today announced a partnership to provide private mobile network services to enterprises and public administrations across Finland. Digita Oy, a portfolio company of Colony Capital, which operates 680 towers in Finland, is leveraging its digital infrastructure to support the initiative. Additionally, Digita Oy owns more than 600 miles (1,000 kilometers) of fiber in Finland.

This three-way collaboration enables Finland’s enterprises and public administrations to build private mobile network solutions, using 5G technology. Specifically, 5G private networks offer secure solutions for challenging environments such as mines, ports, factory areas, and hospitals.

Digita Oy – Digital Infrastructure Supports Nokia and Telia

The strategic partnership brings together Digita Oy’s nationwide tower infrastructure, Nokia’s leading 5G private network technologies, and Telia’s enterprise customer base in Finland. Using Digita Oy’s 680 towers across Finland, Telia is able to extend its network from the south in Helsinki, Finland to the northernmost region of Lapland, Finland. Indeed, this means Telia’s services can be tailored well to local needs and different industries.

Digita Oy, Nokia, and Telia are testing Finland’s first 5G standalone private network. Specifically, the companies are building a 5G private mobile network for cargo handling company Kalmar, a division of Cargotec. The benefits of 5G private mobile networks include guaranteed and predictable performance, strong security, and coverage, even in challenging areas.

Digita Oy Acquires Cinia’s Tower Business

Separately, in January 2021, Digita Oy agreed to acquire the tower business of Cinia Oy, which is a fiber network and software provider. Following the Cinia Oy transaction, Digita Oy owns 680 towers, across Finland, up from 580 towers prior to the transaction.

Digita Oy – Overview

Digita Oy is Finland’s largest independent owner of telecommunication towers, with 680 towers across the country. Overall, the company owns and operates Finland’s leading terrestrial network for nationwide TV and radio transmissions. Additionally, the company is a pay-TV operator on the terrestrial television network and has broadcasting services.

Digita Oy’s telecommunications services include private networks, indoor coverage solutions, management services for rooftop telecommunications, IoT, and data center services. Specifically, the company provides services to media companies, consumers, mobile phone operators, industry, infrastructure enterprises, and real estate owners.

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