Facebook (Meta Platforms) announced that it will be developing a new data center campus in the city of Kuna, Idaho, which is situated ~20 miles southwest of Boise, the capital city of Idaho. At full build-out, this data center facility will span 960k+ sqft and will represent an investment of $800m+.

Presently, Facebook (Meta) owns and operates 24 data center campuses globally, comprising over 53 million sqft and investment of nearly $30bn. With the addition of Kuna, Idaho, the company will increase its presence of data centers worldwide, of which 20 are located in the United States. Holistically, these data centers ensure Meta’s apps and services, including Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Threads, and WhatsApp, are delivered to billions of people around the world.

Facebook (Meta) Data Center – Kuna, Idaho

Facebook (Meta) is developing a site which is located at the intersection of S Cole Road and Kuna Mora Road in Kuna, Idaho.


In September 2022, Facebook (Meta) intends to break ground on its data center development project, with construction anticipated to be complete in 2025.

Facebook Meta Data Center Kuna Idaho Aerial


As disclosed by IDACORP (NYSE: IDA), an electric utility company, in December 2021, Idaho Power filed an application with the Idaho Public Utilities Commission (IPUC) for approval of a special contract for electric service for a new large load data center customer, Brisbie, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Meta Platforms.

Notably, Idaho regulations require any utility customer with an average load exceeding 20 megawatts to enter into a special contract with Idaho Power.

Economic Development

During the data center’s development, Facebook (Meta) anticipates that 1.2k+ construction workers will temporarily be on-site at the peak of construction. Subsequently, the operational data center will support ~100 permanent jobs, such as operations, maintenance, and security roles.

Additionally, Meta is investing ~$50m in a new water and sewer system for the city of Kuna, Idaho. In return for its investments, the company benefits from a data center bill that allows for a sales tax exemption on facilities that invest $250m+ in an Idaho community.


Facebook (Meta) notes that its site has good access to infrastructure (e.g., power and water) and renewable energy (i.e., solar and wind power). Moreover, the company is investing in renewable energy and water restoration projects in Kuna, Idaho, in the following ways:

  • Renewable Energy: partnering with Idaho Power to implement a new green tariff that will allow Facebook (Meta) to support its operations with 100% renewable energy
  • Water Restoration: projects will ensure the Facebook (Meta) facility will be at least 80% more water efficient than the average data center. For example, the facility’s cooling system will rely on outside air for cooling for at least 50% of the year – reducing the need for water to cool its equipment

Property Transfer – Meta Platforms, Gardner Company

In December 2021, Meta Platforms through its subsidiary Brisbie, LLC, acquired several land parcels from KC Gardner Company, L.C., an entity of the Gardner Company, a privately-held commercial real estate investor based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Previously, through a project named Peregrine, the Gardner Company annexed 9 properties totaling ~1,088 acres, into Kuna’s city limits. As shown below, these properties were located north & south of Kuna Mora Road and east of S Cole Road.

S Cole Road and Kuna Mora Road Land Map

As part of the Peregrine application, Brisbie, LLC (Facebook / Meta) is the developer. While the project contemplates:

  • “Multiple phases extending over a period of years with the uses of one or more data centers and/or other facilities used to house, and in which are operated, maintained and replaced from time to time, computer systems”
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