Digital Edge, an Asia-focused data center platform backed by Stonepeak Infrastructure, today announced the acquisition of 5 data center campuses in Tokyo, Yokohama, and Kobe, Japan, from Itochu Techno-Solutions (CTC), an IT services company, for a total purchase price of $230m USD (JPY26 billion). As part of the transaction, CTC will become Digital Edge’s anchor customer across all 5 data center campuses.

Data Centers – Yokohama, Kobe, and Tokyo, Japan

Digital Edge is gaining 5 data center campuses which encompass 7 buildings in the cities of Yokohama, Kobe, and Tokyo, Japan. Collectively, this portfolio comprises 5.0k cabinets / 18.5 megawatts of power capacity across 902k sqft (83.8k sqm) of total floor area. Below is a summary of the 5 data center campuses that Digital Edge is acquiring from Itochu Techno-Solutions (CTC):

Data CenterCitySquare FeetSquare Meters
Yokohama Computer Center (YCC)Yokohama576k53.5k
Kobe Computer Center (KCC)Kobe203k18.9k
Mejirozaka Data Center (MDC)Tokyo66k6.2k
Shibuya Data Center (SDC)Tokyo19k1.7k
Otemachi Internet Data Center (OiDC)Tokyo38k3.5k

Yokohama Computer Center (YCC)

Yokohama Computer Center (YCC) is located in Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama, which is 5.5 miles (9 kilometers) inland from Tokyo Bay.

YCC Yokohama Computer Center Digital Edge

Overall, the campus consists of three buildings:

  • East Building (EYC): opened in 1988 with 238k sqft (22.1k sqm) of total floor area
  • West Building (WYC): opened in 2001 with 238k sqft (22.1k sqm) of total floor area
  • North Building (NYC): opened in 2013 with 100k sqft (9.3k sqm) of total floor area
NYC Yokohama Computer Center North Building Digital Edge

Kobe Computer Center (KCC)

Kobe Computer Center (KCC) is located on a hill in Kita-ku, Kobe, 11 miles (18 kilometers) from Osaka Bay and 620 feet (190 meters) above sea level. The facility operates as a base for outsourcing business in the Kansai region of Japan.

KCC Kobe Computer Center Digital Edge

Mejirozaka Data Center (MDC)

Mejirozaka Data Center (MDC) is located in the Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo ward, on the Yamanote Line (train line), in close proximity to Ikebukuro Station.

MDC Mejirosaka Data Center Digital Edge

Shibuya Data Center (SDC)

Shibuya Data Center (SDC) is located in the Shibuya-ku, Tokyo ward, a 7-minute walk from Shibuya Station.

Otemachi Internet Data Center (OiDC)

Otemachi Internet Data Center (OiDC) is located in the Minato-ku, Tokyo ward.

Transaction Overview – Digital Edge Scales via Itochu Techno-Solutions (CTC)

By incorporating CTC’s 5 data center campuses into its portfolio, Digital Edge increases its total capacity in Japan to ~38 megawatts. Additionally, as part of the transaction, Digital Edge acquired the underlying freehold land in 4 of the 5 data center locations. In turn, the company plans to pursue new greenfield developments on this land to support retail and hyperscale customers.

Itochu Techno-Solutions (CTC) – Partnership

Post-transaction, CTC will continue to deliver its outsourced IT services at Digital Edge’s Japan data centers. Particularly, CTC serves enterprise customers with hybrid cloud services, which leverage a combination of different environments including on-premises, private cloud, and public cloud.

Digital Edge – Stonepeak Infrastructure Backing

Digital Edge is supported by $1.0bn+ in equity capital commitments from investors led by Stonepeak Infrastructure. These investors are backing the company’s strategy to build a data center platform in Asia. To-date, Digital Edge has assembled a portfolio of 12 data centers in Asia, including:

  • Japan (9): 3 data centers in Tokyo, Japan from prior acquisitions, including ARTERIA Networks; a 12-megawatt development project in Osaka, Japan; and 5 additional facilities from today’s CTC announcement
  • South Korea (2): data centers in the cities of Seoul (Gangnam) and Busan (Centum City), South Korea
  • Indonesia (1): EDGE1 Data Center with 6 megawatts / 1.5k cabinets of IT load capacity in Jakarta, Indonesia. Additionally, the company plans to develop further data centers in Indonesia following a recent purchase of two land plots
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