Globally, the top 200 dark fiber and lit fiber providers deliver connectivity services to businesses through fiber optic networks that span millions of miles around the world. These business-to-business (B2B) fiber companies connect various types of facilities, from office buildings to cell towers, and data centers to stadiums. Commonly referred to as dark fiber and lit fiber providers, these companies are also known as carriers of carriers. They offer solutions under various terminologies, including unlit fiber, wholesale fiber, bulk fiber, carrier fiber, enterprise fiber, and business fiber.

In total, the 10 most prominent dark fiber and lit fiber providers in the world, including Lumen, Zayo, Colt Technology Services, Cogent, EXA Infrastructure, Arelion, Telecom Italia (TIM) / Sparkle, NTT, AT&T, and Verizon, collectively operate over 4 million route miles of fiber optic network.

Dgtl Infra has categorized the largest 200 dark fiber and lit fiber providers in the world into 6 groups based on their geographic operating region and several measurable market share factors, including: fiber network size (route miles and strand miles), number of on-net buildings (including data centers and cell towers), and revenue in U.S. Dollars, among others. Our list encompasses both independent dark fiber and lit fiber providers as well as telecommunications companies that offer these services as part of their broader business.

Subsequently, we delve deeper into the businesses and networks of 30 notable dark fiber and lit fiber providers, particularly focusing on companies operating in the United States, Europe, and Latin America. This analysis includes information about the length of their network in fiber route miles, the geographical areas where they serve their customers, and the type of provider they are (dark, lit, or a combination of both).

Top 200 Dark Fiber and Lit Fiber Providers in the World

The top 200 dark fiber and lit fiber providers in the world are categorized into the following geographic segments: multiple regions, North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa.

It is important to note that Dgtl Infra’s list focuses on facilities-based providers of fiber networks, who own and operate their own physical infrastructure, as opposed to relying on leasing or reselling capacity from other network owners to deliver services. Additionally, we exclude companies operating primarily in China and Russia, as well as businesses that mainly own subsea cables, as opposed to terrestrial dark fiber and lit fiber, which our list focuses on.

Multiple Regions

#Fiber ProviderTypeKey Locations
1Lumen TechnologiesDark / LitUnited States, Europe, Asia
2Zayo GroupDark / LitUnited States, Europe
3Colt Technology ServicesDark / LitEurope, United States, Asia
4Cogent CommunicationsDark / LitUnited States, Europe, LatAm, Asia
5EXA InfrastructureDark / LitEurope, United States
6ArelionDark / LitEurope, United States, Asia

North America

#Fiber ProviderTypeKey Countries
7AT&TLitUnited States
8VerizonLitUnited States
9Charter Communications (Spectrum Enterprise)LitUnited States
10Frontier CommunicationsLitUnited States
11Windstream HoldingsDark / LitUnited States
12Comcast BusinessLitUnited States
13Uniti GroupDark / LitUnited States
14Crown CastleDark / LitUnited States
15Rogers Communications (incl. Shaw)LitCanada
16Consolidated CommunicationsDark / LitUnited States
17Astound BroadbandDark / LitUnited States
18Fusion ConnectLitUnited States
19Cox Business (incl. Segra)LitUnited States
20Everstream SolutionsDark / LitUnited States
21FirstLightDark / LitUnited States
22altafiber (Cincinnati Bell)LitUnited States
23Lightpath (Altice USA)LitUnited States
24Ziply FiberDark / LitUnited States
25Alaska CommunicationsDark / LitUnited States
26Mediacom BusinessLitUnited States
27FiberLightDark / LitUnited States
28Great Plains CommunicationsLitUnited States
29Sparklight Business (Cable One)Dark / LitUnited States
30BCE (Bell Canada)LitCanada
31ArvigDark / LitUnited States
32TDS TelecomLitUnited States
33Conterra NetworksDark / LitUnited States
34Midco (Midcontinent Communications)LitUnited States
35Unite Private NetworksDark / LitUnited States
36Bluebird NetworkDark / LitUnited States
37C Spire BusinessLitUnited States
38US SignalDark / LitUnited States
40Shentel (Shenandoah Telecommunications)Dark / LitUnited States
41LS NetworksDark / LitUnited States
42WideOpenWest (WOW!) BusinessDark / LitUnited States
43LOGIX Fiber NetworksDark / LitUnited States
44Cogeco (incl. Breezeline)LitCanada, United States
45Clearwave FiberLitUnited States
46Horizon TelcomLitUnited States
47PS Lightwave (Pure Speed Lightwave)Dark / LitUnited States
48Vidéotron (incl. Fibrenoire)Dark / LitCanada
49Armstrong Business SolutionsDark / LitUnited States
50Ritter CommunicationsDark / LitUnited States
51DQE CommunicationsDark / LitUnited States
52Beanfield MetroconnectLitCanada
53ExtenetDarkUnited States
54Summit BroadbandDark / LitUnited States
55NoaNet (Northwest Open Access Network)LitUnited States
56Hunter CommunicationsLitUnited States
57Metronet BusinessLitUnited States
58Douglas Fast Net (DFN)LitUnited States
59ACD.NET (Advanced Comms & Data)LitUnited States
60Boldyn Networks (BAI, Mobilitie, ZenFi)Dark / LitUnited States
61FirstDigital TelecomDark / LitUnited States
62Mid-Atlantic Broadband (MBC)Dark / LitUnited States
63Race CommunicationsLitUnited States
64Syringa NetworksLitUnited States
65Silver Star CommunicationsDark / LitUnited States
66FatbeamDark / LitUnited States
67WANRackDark / LitUnited States
68SummitIGDarkUnited States
69United Fiber & DataDark / LitUnited States
70CentraComLitUnited States
71ResurgenceIGDarkUnited States
72Bandwidth IGDarkUnited States
73Dark Fiber and Infrastructure (DF&I)DarkUnited States
74Pilot FiberDark / LitUnited States
753Red8DarkUnited States
76AccelecomDark / LitUnited States


#Fiber ProviderTypeKey Countries
77Deutsche TelekomLitGermany, Poland, Czech Republic
78VodafoneLitUnited Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy
79OrangeLitFrance, Spain, Belgium, Poland
80TelefónicaLitSpain, Germany, United Kingdom
81BT Group (British Telecom)LitUnited Kingdom
82Telecom Italia (TIM) / SparkleDark / LitItaly
83KPNDark / LitNetherlands
84Liberty GlobalLitUnited Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium
85GlobalConnectDark / LitSweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany
86Telenor GroupLitNorway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland
87Telekom Austria Group (A1)LitAustria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia
88EurofiberDarkNetherlands, Belgium, France
89FastwebDark / LitItaly
901&1 VersatelLitGermany
91Reintel (Redeia)DarkSpain
92Türk TelekomLitTurkey
94RETNLitEurope, Asia
95lyntia NetworksDark / LitSpain
96Retelit and IrideosDark / LitItaly
98Deutsche GlasfaserLitGermany
99RelinedDarkGermany, Netherlands, Denmark
100Neos NetworksDark / LitUnited Kingdom
101Aire NetworksDarkSpain
104SipartechDark/LitFrance, Spain, Germany, Belgium, UK
105DB broadbandDarkGermany
107Elisa CorporationLitFinland, Estonia
108Altice EuropeLitFrance, Portugal
110Iliad SALitFrance, Italy
111TDC NETLitDenmark
112Exponential-eLitUnited Kingdom
113NGN Fiber NetworkDark / LitGermany
114NetCom BW (EnBW Group)LitGermany
116Adif AV (Telecommunications)DarkSpain
117CelesteDark / LitFrance
118MÁSMÓVILDark / LitSpain
119KCOMDark / LitUnited Kingdom
120Axent (Axión)DarkSpain
121Alliander TelecomDarkNetherlands
122CityFibreDark / LitUnited Kingdom
123TReNT GlasvezelDarkNetherlands
124ewzDark / LitSwitzerland
125TampnetDark / LitNorth Sea, Gulf of Mexico

Asia Pacific

#Fiber ProviderTypeKey Countries
126NTT CommunicationsLitJapan
127HGC Global CommunicationsLitHong Kong
128BSNL / BBNLLitIndia
129KDDI CorporationLitJapan
130KT Corporation (Korea Telecom)LitSouth Korea
131Chunghwa TelecomLitTaiwan
132Reliance Jio / Reliance InfratelLitIndia
133TelstraDark / LitAustralia
134Telesonic Networks (Bharti Airtel)LitIndia
135Vodafone IdeaDark / LitIndia
138Tata TeleservicesLitIndia
139POWERGRIDDark / LitIndia
140RailTelDark / LitIndia
141Tata CommunicationsLitIndia
142OptusDark / LitAustralia
143TPG TelecomDark / LitAustralia
144CAT TelecomLitThailand
146SPTel (Singapore Power)Dark / LitSingapore
147Sify TechnologiesDark / LitIndia
148Vocus GroupDark / LitAustralia, New Zealand
149PCCW GlobalLitHong Kong
150HKBN (Hong Kong Broadband)LitHong Kong
151Advanced Info Service (AIS)LitThailand
152Indosat OoredooLitIndonesia
153LG UplusLitSouth Korea
154Globe TelecomLitPhilippines
155TM One (Telekom Malaysia)LitMalaysia
156XL AxiataLitIndonesia
157MyRepublicLitSingapore, Indonesia, New Zealand
158One New Zealand (Vodafone)LitNew Zealand
159SK TelecomLitSouth Korea
161BB Backbone (SoftBank)DarkJapan
162QCN FibreDark / LitAustralia
163SEJONG TelecomLitSouth Korea
164TOKAI CommunicationsLitJapan
165ARTERIA NetworksDark / LitJapan
167Aussie BroadbandDarkAustralia
168Xenith IGDarkHong Kong, Singapore, Australia

Latin America

#Fiber ProviderTypeKey Countries
169América Móvil (Claro, Telmex, Embratel)Lit17 Countries
170Telefónica LatAm (Movistar, Vivo)LitBrazil, Argentina, Colombia
171Telecom ArgentinaLitArgentina
172TIM BrasilLitBrazil
173Ufinet InternationalDark / LitLatin America, United States
174Cirion TechnologiesDark / LitLatin America
175Millicom (Tigo)LitLatin America
176Liberty Latin AmericaLitChile, Panama, Caribbean
177Axtel / AlestraLitMexico
178GTD GroupLitChile
179Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE)DarkMexico
181ON*NET Fibra (KKR, Telefónica)Dark / LitChile
183ETB (Empresa de Telecomunicaciones)LitColombia
186Flo NetworksLitMexico, United States
187Algar TelecomLitBrazil
188AscentyDarkBrazil, Mexico, Chile
189Neutral NetworksDark / LitMexico

Middle East and Africa

#Fiber ProviderTypeKey Countries
190MTN (incl. MTN GlobalConnect)Dark / LitPan-Africa
191Liquid Intelligent TechnologiesDark / LitPan-Africa
192Dark Fibre Africa (DFA)DarkSouth Africa
193Saudi Telecom Company (stc)LitSaudi Arabia
194Maroc TelecomLitMorocco
195EtisalatLitUAE, Saudi Arabia
196Airtel AfricaLitAfrica
197Telkom SALitSouth Africa
198Vodacom and Safaricom (Vodafone)LitSouth Africa, Tanzania, Kenya
199Zain GroupLitKuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan
200OoredooLitQatar, Oman, Kuwait

1. Lumen Technologies

Lumen Technologies (NYSE: LUMN) operates a global dark and lit fiber network, comprising both owned and leased infrastructure. The company’s network includes 400,000 route miles of fiber optic plant, which consists of 25,000 route miles of subsea fiber optic cable systems. This fiber network connects to 160,000 on-net buildings, positioning Lumen among the largest providers of lit communications services to domestic and global enterprise customers.

Lumen’s terrestrial and subsea fiber optic long-haul network spans across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, connecting to metropolitan fiber networks that the company operates. Additionally, Lumen manages multiple gateway and transmission facilities utilized in operating its network throughout North America and Europe.

2. Zayo Group

Zayo Group operates a dark and lit fiber network in the United States and Europe, spanning 139,000 route miles and over 16 million strand miles. This represents an average strand count of more than 115 strands per route mile.

Across 400 markets worldwide, Zayo’s network provides access to over 44,000 on-net buildings, more than 1,400 on-net data centers, and over 380 cloud on-ramps.

3. Colt Technology Services

Colt Technology Services operates a dark and lit fiber network that spans 32 countries, 212 cities, and 51 major metropolitan area networks in Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific. The company’s fiber network extends 187,000 kilometers (116,196 miles), connecting to over 29,000 buildings, more than 900 data centers, and over 200 cloud points-of-presence (PoPs).

4. Cogent Communications

Cogent Communications (NASDAQ: CCOI) operates a network backbone, leased on indefeasible right of use (IRU) contracts from 308 different dark fiber suppliers worldwide. The company’s network totals 78,908 route miles, which comprises 61,292 long-haul route miles and 17,616 metro route miles.

Cogent serves 1,264 carrier-neutral data center buildings (1,458 nodes) with its fiber network, and its network connects to 3,155 total on-net buildings, including 1,837 multi-tenant office buildings in major North American cities.

Additionally, Cogent is acquiring T-Mobile’s Wireline Business, which consists of 20,305 owned route miles, of which approximately 19,000 are long-haul route miles and around 1,300 are metro route miles. Furthermore, the unit possesses 16,843 leased route miles. This transaction transforms Cogent into a larger, facilities-based carrier through ownership of its own nationwide network.

5. EXA Infrastructure

EXA Infrastructure operates a dark and lit fiber network that spans 34 countries and over 300 cities in Europe and North America. The company’s fiber network extends 114,000 kilometers (70,836 miles), connecting to over 500 optical points-of-presence (PoPs), 13 Tier 3-equivalent data centers, and more than 270 edge and network colocation sites.

6. Arelion

Arelion operates a dark and lit fiber network in more than 125 countries across Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific. The company’s network spans 70,000 kilometers (43,496 miles) of its own fiber and over 350 points-of-presence (PoPs). Using DWDM and IP technology, Arelion’s fiber network allows users to connect directly to more than 2,500 wholesale customers.

7. Charter Communications (Spectrum Enterprise)

Charter Communications (NASDAQ: CHTR) operates a lit fiber network that spans more than 230,000 route miles from coast to coast in the United States, encompassing over 279,000 fiber-lit buildings. Through its Spectrum Enterprise division, Charter serves businesses nationwide by combining its large serviceable footprint with a portfolio of fiber-lit buildings and a significant wholesale partner network.

In terms of network technology, both Charter’s national backbone and regional/metro network components utilize a redundant IP ring/mesh fiber architecture.

8. Frontier Communications

Frontier Communications (NASDAQ: FYBR) operates a lit fiber network, consisting of over 180,000 route miles of fiber and 6,400 fiber-connected cell towers (serving 7,200 carrier cell sites on those towers) in the United States. The company also owns fiber optic cable, which is used as a transport technology between its central offices, remote facilities, and interconnection points with other telecommunications carriers.

9. Windstream Holdings

Windstream Holdings operates a nationwide dark and lit fiber network covering 170,000 route miles in the United States. Excluding assets associated with or encumbered by Uniti Group’s master lease agreements (MLAs), Windstream operates 84,000 route miles, of which 75% are owned by the company. Through this network, Windstream owns 1,338 points-of-presence (PoPs), with data transfer capacity at each of these PoPs of 100 gigabits per second (Gbps).

10. Comcast Business

Comcast Corporation (NASDAQ: CMCSA), through its division Comcast Business, operates a lit fiber footprint spanning 29 regional networks across 39 states in the U.S. The company’s fiber optic network consists of more than 150,000 miles of fiber, serving 18 of the top markets and providing high-speed services to numerous large companies.

11. Uniti Group

Uniti Group (NASDAQ: UNIT) owns and operates a dark and lit fiber network in the United States, spanning 135,000 route miles and 8.0 million strand miles. This represents an average strand count of 59.3 strands per route mile.

Uniti serves approximately 300 metro markets with its owned metro fiber or enterprise services, reaching over 275,000 on-net and near-net buildings.

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12. Crown Castle

Crown Castle (NYSE: CCI) owns and operates a dark and lit fiber network in the United States, consisting of 85,000 route miles of fiber primarily supporting its fiber solutions and small cells. The majority of the company’s fiber assets are located in major metropolitan areas, including a presence within every major U.S. market.

In terms of customers, Crown Castle’s dark and lit fiber network serves wireless carriers, wholesale carriers, educational institutions, healthcare providers, and financial services companies.

13. Consolidated Communications

Consolidated Communications (NASDAQ: CNSL) operates a dark and lit fiber network in the United States, spanning 57,865 route miles across numerous rural areas and metro communities. This network includes long-haul, metropolitan, and fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) networks, connecting 14,427 lit or on-net buildings.

Through its dark and lit fiber network, Consolidated offers business products, such as data and internet solutions, as well as wholesale services to wireless and wireline carriers and other service providers. These services include network connections, custom fiber builds, and last-mile connections.

14. Astound Broadband

Astound Broadband owns and operates a dark and lit fiber network in the United States, spanning 31,000 route miles, which is concentrated in clusters across the country. Additionally, the company plans to add up to 1,500 more route miles every year to its fiber network.

Through its Astound Wholesale division, the company delivers solutions including wavelength, Ethernet, E-NNI (Ethernet Network-to-Network Interface), IP transit, dark fiber, cellular backhaul, VXC/VIX (Virtual Cross Connect/Virtual Internet Exchange), and private line.

15. Cox Business

Cox Business owns and operates a lit fiber network in the United States through its national fiber optic backbone, which comprises over 30,000 miles of metro fiber. The company operates a Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network over this backbone, enabled by fully redundant core routers deployed in each of its internet peering locations and regional data centers (RDCs). These core routers are interconnected to Cox’s backbone by multiple high-bandwidth connections.

Within Cox’s operations is the commercial enterprise and carrier business of Segra, a U.S. dark fiber and lit fiber provider, which Cox acquired in 2021.

16. Everstream Solutions

Everstream Solutions owns and operates dark and lit fiber networks in the United States, spanning more than 27,500 route miles. The company’s network traverses 10 states in the Midwest and Northeast, specifically Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Everstream’s fiber optic network connects to 5,790 on-net buildings, including 63 data centers.

17. FirstLight

FirstLight owns and operates dark and lit fiber networks in the United States, particularly in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. The company’s fiber network spans 25,000 route miles throughout Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, and Vermont. Additionally, FirstLight’s network connects nearly 13,000 lit locations with access to a further 125,000 locations.

18. altafiber (Cincinnati Bell)

altafiber, which is the brand that Cincinnati Bell does business under in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, operates a lit fiber network in the United States totaling 20,400 route miles. The company’s fiber network spans more than 14,600 route miles in Greater Cincinnati and 5,800 route miles in Hawaii.

altafiber’s total number of commercial addresses with fiber-based services, known as lit addresses, stands at 36,200 in Greater Cincinnati and 27,300 in Hawaii. Additionally, the company provides cell site backhaul services to 90% of the 1,075 cell sites in the Greater Cincinnati market, all of which are lit with fiber, and 90% of the 1,120 cell sites in Hawaii, nearly all of which are lit with fiber.

19. Lightpath (Altice USA)

Lightpath, majority-owned by Altice USA (NYSE: ATUS), operates a lit fiber network in the United States, spanning 20,000 route miles and providing connectivity to 13,500 service locations and 2,000 wireless towers. The company offers products and services to both large enterprise customers and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), serving 381,200 SMB customers across its footprint.

Lightpath primarily serves the business market in the New York metropolitan area, offering Ethernet, data transport, IP-based virtual private networks, Internet access, telephony services, and VoIP services. The company has recently expanded into the Boston and Miami metropolitan areas. Lightpath’s bandwidth connectivity service delivers speeds of up to 100 gigabits per second (Gbps).

20. GlobalConnect

GlobalConnect owns and operates dark and lit fiber networks in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, and Finland. The company’s total fiber footprint spans over 155,000 kilometers (96,313 miles), of which more than 105,000 kilometers (65,244 miles) are wholly-owned. Through this network, GlobalConnect serves over 30,000 business-to-business (B2B) customers.

21. Eurofiber

Eurofiber owns and operates a dark fiber network in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Germany. The company’s network stretches over 61,700 kilometers (38,339 miles) and connects to over 12,000 locations. Eurofiber’s managed dark fiber connects to 215 data centers, of which 117 data centers have redundant connections.

22. Reintel (Redeia)

Reintel, a subsidiary of Redeia (formerly Red Eléctrica), an electric utility company in Spain, owns and operates a dark fiber network in Spain. The company’s fiber network spans 52,956 kilometers (32,905 miles) and is deployed along Redeia’s electricity transmission network as well as the rail network of Adif AV, Spain’s state-owned railway manager.

Additionally, Reintel offers colocation facilities and telecommunications shelters at 1,344 sites along its dark fiber network. Of this total, 810 are electricity grid sites and 534 are railway sites.

23. euNetworks

euNetworks owns and operates a dark fiber network spanning 45,800 kilometers (28,459 miles) throughout Western Europe. The company manages 17 fiber-based metropolitan networks across Western Europe, totaling 3,200 kilometers (1,988 miles), which are interconnected by its long-haul network of 42,600 kilometers (26,470 miles). Additionally, euNetworks’ fiber network directly connects to 2,539 locations, including over 510 data centers in Europe.

24. RETN

RETN operates a lit fiber network, which is 35% owned, with the remaining on long-term leases, connecting 40 countries in Europe and Asia Pacific. The company’s fiber optic network spans 45,500 kilometers (28,272 miles) and includes deep metro networks in certain cities.

RETN’s network connects to almost 900 on-net data centers and buildings worldwide, providing a comprehensive range of data transmission services. Geographically, many of RETN’s fiber routes and points-of-presence (PoPs) are located in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), Russia, and Central Asia.

25. lyntia Networks

lyntia Networks owns and operates dark and lit fiber networks in Spain, particularly nationwide metro and long-haul fiber networks spanning 43,600 kilometers (27,092 miles). The company provides services to 4,011 towns and cities across Spain, including major cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, and Bilbao. This network connects to over 60,000 on-net buildings and is built primarily alongside electric power and gas distribution infrastructure of utility companies, including Naturgy, Iberdrola, and Endesa.

26. Retelit and Irideos

Retelit and Irideos own and operate dark and lit fiber networks in Italy, spanning 43,000 kilometers (26,719 miles). These soon-to-be-merged companies offer wholesale access and business-to-business (B2B) connectivity to customers, ranging from large telecommunications companies to small- and medium-sized businesses. Retelit and Irideos’ network traverses along motorways, the Adriatic coast, and through several metropolitan areas of Italy’s largest cities.

27. Relined

Relined operates a dark fiber network spanning 39,325 kilometers (24,435 miles) in Germany, the Netherlands, and Denmark. In these countries, the company offers complete national coverage and can establish connections to virtually any location. In areas where Relined does not own a fiber network, the company partners with various regional and local dark and lit fiber network providers, including TenneT, ProRail, BT, NGN, and Energienet.

28. Neos Networks

Neos Networks (formerly SSE Enterprise Telecoms) operates dark and lit fiber networks across the United Kingdom, spanning 34,000 kilometers (21,127 miles). The company’s network connects to 676 points-of-presence (PoPs) and over 90 data centers in the UK. Neos Networks’ business connectivity solutions, including dark fiber, Ethernet, optical wavelength, cloud connect, dedicated internet access, and WAN, all offer service with speeds of up to 100 gigabits per second (Gbps).

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29. Ufinet International

Ufinet International owns and operates dark and lit fiber networks in Latin America and the United States. Collectively, across 17 countries and 2,210 towns and cities, Ufinet operates more than 100,000 kilometers (62,137 miles) of optical fiber, of which over 62,600 kilometers (38,898 miles) is owned fiber. The company’s fiber network connects to over 56,000 on-net buildings and more than 5,000 on-net towers.

Ufinet provides connectivity through backbone and access networks, backhaul and local loop, as well as national and international connections.

30. Cirion Technologies

Cirion Technologies (formerly Lumen’s LATAM business) owns and operates dark and lit fiber networks in Latin America. The company’s network spans 86,000 kilometers (53,438 miles) of terrestrial fiber and subsea cable routes, as well as 19 cable landing stations. Through its dark and lit fiber network, Cirion serves over 6,400 Latin America-based and multinational customers, including enterprises, government agencies, cloud service providers (CSPs), wireline and wireless carriers, and internet service providers (ISPs).

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Jonathan Kim covers Fiber for Dgtl Infra, including Zayo Group, Cogent Communications (NASDAQ: CCOI), Uniti Group (NASDAQ: UNIT), Lumen Technologies (NYSE: LUMN), Frontier Communications (NASDAQ: FYBR), Consolidated Communications (NASDAQ: CNSL), and many more. Within Fiber, Jonathan focuses on the sub-sectors of wholesale / dark fiber, enterprise fiber, fiber-to-the-home (FTTH), fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP), and subsea cables. Jonathan has over 8 years of experience in research and writing for Fiber.


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